What does it mean to be alive!!

What does it mean to be alive!!

I watched a wonderful anime movie, “I want to eat your pancreas”. After watching “5 centimeters per second” this is another masterpiece that rocked my heart and made me cry at the same time. I didn’t relate this to anyone, but I tried to watch it as much as I could with full attention.

It made me cry; it made me think about life all over again. When I was younger, I always thought that my lifespan was going to stop way before I thought. And about that, either a severe illness or something like that will take me to my end. And that’s how I wanted to be cheerful as much as I can. I made friends with everyone, tried to make a good impression with everyone. I don’t know what my real persona is as I have lots of different personas to look into.

This year I am going to make it to my 40. If I am alive. Though I guess I am not seriously ill as all of my physical test reports are ok, my mental report is not ok to me. Is it because I have the luxury?

The movie is so touching to me, though it was evident at the start about the end, but the way it ends made it cry more. And in that movie, the girl named Sakura made a wonderful explanation about living.

“Living…… Means having bonds with others. Paying attention to someone. Loving someone. Hating someone. Having fun being with someone. Taking someone’s hand. That’s what it means to live. If you’re all alone, you can’t tell that you exist. Your relationship with others is what defines being alive. I know my mind exists, since I can interact with others. I know my body exists, because others touch me. That’s where the purpose of being alive comes from. Just like we’ve been chosen to live out this moment here and now.”

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