New Year Update 2023

New Year Update 2023

After the start of 2023, I managed do some work out for the first 2 weeks, but regrettably, couldn’t continue ever since. Due to work, I couldn’t manage time to t to gym. But, one thing I started doing in the meantime, and that is to have less and less of carbohydrate and drink as much a II can.

For reducing sugar, I stated having only black tea or Coffee Americano. Doing this for a long time. Though I drink more tea than coffee, its kind of tough at first, but eventually I am doing it. Now, having coffee after 6PM, my sleep totally ruins though, so I try to intake them as early as possible.

Regarding mental health, I have started to take care of it by not stressing it. and as a part of that, I do not force myself to do something that is not up to my intention. Today I compiled some data of my previous gym workouts in excel and was studying them.

Date Duration (s) Distance Calories Difficulties
14-Jun-22 901 4.54 185 2
15-Jun-22 902 4.76 190 2
16-Jun-22 961 4.84 195 3
18-Jun-22 1023 5.08 205 3
19-Jun-22 1083 5.33 214 3
21-Jun-22 1117 5.77 232 3
22-Jun-22 1087 5.51 222 3
25-Jun-22 1203 6.22 250 3
26-Jun-22 1275 6.41 258 3

Though I keep track of my data in my Xiaomi smart band 7 and track my weight using Xiaomi Smart Scale 2. Update about my weight next June 2023.

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